Are you looking for the best supplier in USA?

Successfully establishing sourcing strategies and relationships in the USA.

BD Source understands the nature of your sourcing decision.

For proper performance, sourcing requires supply market research. Supply market research identifies the set of actual and potential sources that constitute the supply side of a market, investigates their capabilities, examines market trends and long-term supply prospects and generally keeps an ear to the ground.  Our team provides research and due diligence to ensure the selection of a reliable supplier who delivers on time, provides consistent quality, competitive pricing, and is responsive to clients needs. Our services ranges from supplier check and analysis to fully integrated purchasing in USA.

  • Food, feeds, and beverages (e.g. corn, meats, soybeans)

  • Industrial supplies and materials (e.g. chemicals, petroleum product)

  • Capital goods (e.g. machinery)

  • Automotive vehicles, parts, and engines

  • Consumer goods (e.g. pharmaceuticals, cosmetics)

  • Subcontractor

  • Services

The BDS Team gladly supports you in defining a strategy and designing sourcing processes that will allow you to realize the highest possible potential for your company. We work on building stable supplier relationships, high delivery reliability and effective communication to ensure a smooth export process.

 Our established network and supplier relationships enable us to deliver reliable and effective information for selecting the right sources of supply. Our experts pay great attention to your needs and goals to ensure a smooth export process.

  • Define expectations

  • Examines market trends

  • Long-term supply prospects

  • Identification of potential sources

  • Create long list of suppliers

  • Issue RFI to suppliers

  • Establish dialogue and cooperation

  • Initial analysis

  • Eliminate non-starters

  • Create short list of suppliers

  • Determine competency, capacity, consistency, price, quality, and level of technical support

  • Evaluate reputation and recorded performance

  • Due diligence of organizational assessment and approvals (e.g. ISO 9000)

  • Company team visits and final discussion

  • Negotiation points

  • Letter of intent (LOI), memorandum of understanding (MOU), and/or contracts

  • Export process