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Get a complete analysis of your concept, including financial overviews and projections,

products and services, market and industry research, and personnel figures. 

BD Source creates tailored plans for your company.

A business plan is essential to your business.  Whether you are exploring a startup, seeking funds, or relocating to the US as a foreign investor, the business plan provides your audience with a complete overview of your business. Our objective as a business consulting firm is to help entrepreneurs and their companies achieve goals by leveraging vision.


Our business consultants partner with the entrepreneur to comprehend the vision and goals to tailor a business plan to exact needs. These skills are invaluable for our clients that consider us their closest partner on their project. We consult with hundreds of businesses per year. As a result, we have experience in various industries and markets. Our expert team are multidisciplines, come from a variety of backgrounds, and have prestigious degrees as well as investment banking and entrepreneurial experience.

  • Standard Business Plan

  • Immigration Business Plan

  • Existing Business Evaluation

  • Business Plan Diagnostics

  • Market Research Plan

  • Feasibility Plan

  • SBA/Bank Business Plan

  • Investor Plan

While investors, landlords, and USCIS each look at different factors when reviewing applications, they all expect your business plan to provide information needed to better understand your business concept. The business development  team at BD Source specializes in creating these crucial documents.  We trust you know your business well, however, you may be missing some key elements when transferring your concept to paper. Let our experts create a business plan you can count on to get you through the tough application process and guide your personnel to meet your goals.  With a document this important, there is no room for error.

Business Plan Diagnostics

Already have a business plan? Let the experts and BD Source evaluate your plan and provide necessary feedback. Ensure your business plan is fool-proof and ready for presentation today.