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Located in the largest metropolitan in Texas

Texas is ranked 4th in the nation for business growth and 1st in the nation for current economic climate by Forbes. The cost of doing business here is 10% lower than the national average with a Gross State Product of over $1.5 Trillion.

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USA Market Entry

BDSource has the team to lead your transition into the US market. We support companies of all sizes and in various industries expand, grow, or establish brand new business outside their region.

Business Development

We utilize our network and skills to analyze, strategize and implement practical business and marketing plans to support the successful transition into the US market for our international clients.

Strategic Sourcing

We partner with clients to drive value creation for company shareholders who want to see their stake appreciate, as well as for customers looking for value in their products and services.

Publications / Reports

2016 Foreign Direct Investment Report

by Organization for International Investment

According to the FDI report published last year, international firms invested $353 billion in the U.S. economy in 2015, doubling numbers from 2014. International companies invested more in the United States in 2015 than any other country in the world. Investors are drawn to the United States because the American economy has one of the most open markets and investment climates in the world. read more >

Insourcing Benefits of  US Manufacturing

by Organization for International Investment

Manufacturing accounted for nearly 40% of cumulative foreign direct investment in the United States.  Key reasons foreign investors expand into the United States include tapping into a technologically advanced workforce and building market share in the world's largest consumer economy.  International companies supported more than 2.4 million American manufacturing jobs in 2014, Foreign firms accounted for a fifth of America’s manufacturing workforce in 2014. read more >

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